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  • Green Idea 1 : ' Find your nearest Farmer's Market and go there this weekend with friends...
  • Green Idea 2 : ' Swap your old incandescent bulbs for CFLs when they burn out and start saving $$$
  • Green Idea 3 : ' Try using your bike this weekend instead of your car...
  • Green Idea 4 : ' This Spring why not plant a small kitchen garden of tomatoes and peppers on your balcony or patio?
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    The basic objectives of sustainability are to reduce consumption of non-renewable resources, minimize waste, and create healthy, productive environments.


    You can grow your own food whether you live on a rural farm or in a tiny urban apartment. Urban gardening is all about using space wisely to regain a closer connection with your food and beautify your home or neighborhood.


    Explore energy resources, such as wind, solar, hydroelectric, biomass, geothermal, ocean thermal, and wave power, that replenish themselves within a short period.


    Locating the Farmers' Market nearest to you is now only a few clicks away. Localharvest.org is a useful and straight-forward site designed to faciliate your quest.


Urban Garden Project: August Update

Posted by vergelimbo On 10:03 PM 4 comments

A new farmers' market has opened just down the road from my Urban Garden Project. Reynolda Farms Market is located on Reynolda Road, behind the Karnkies Airstream cafe. Unlike other more temporary markets which occur on a specific day or time, Reynolda Farms Market is open 6 days a week. Inside you will find a variety of locally grown organic produce, specialty cheeses, sausages, grass-fed beef and such exotic items as truffle butter.

I'm really excited by their opening and have been selling my excess tomatoes and peppers there. Reynolda Farms Market has plenty of room to grow, and over the next few weeks they will be adding to their inventory to meet their customers needs. Stop by and see all they have to offer, and maybe suggest something that you wish they had.


Those tomatoes look delicious. This garden is very beautiful and the story (how you started it) is a great lesson for others to follow. Here in Eugene the season is much shorter but the farmers markets are full of people until Novemebr. How long does the season last in North Carolina?

I bookmarked your site and look forward to reading the next phase of your project.

Keep up the good work,

i went to the farmer's market the other day Phil. It looks great... just what we foodies need-finally. Thanks for the heads up. Drove by your garden on the weekend. You surely have a green thumb or two.
When is the pesto challenge?

Thanks, Verge. I'll have to check out the market this weekend.

Phil-I had no idea your garden was so massive! The pictures are stunning, my man. We should get together for coffee and catch up.