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Words Are Important: Definition of "NORGANIC"

Posted by vergelimbo On 2:10 AM 6 comments

Sometimes you simply need to invent a NEW WORD in order to accurately describe a NEW PHENOMENA!

Have you heard any neologisms (new words) lately that have stuck with you? Or maybe you have coined a few of your own to fill some gaps in our lexicon. New words, and their recorded definitions, are in continuous demand to describe the increasingly complex physical and intellectual world in which we live. Language is responsive to this need. The Urban Dictionary is an online, open-source dictionary that allows people to submit their neologisms for editorial review, and inclusion  if the new word and definition meet certain guidelines. Over the years I have added many new words that I felt were lacking from our 21st century vocabulary. [here are some] Generally, more arcane words slip from popular usage, while new words - either created or adopted from other languages - enter common usage and understanding. In simple terms, this is how a language evolves over time. The English language has proved the most adept of all languages at "absorbing" foreign and new words into it's expanding dictionaries. This open-source dynamic has made English the lingua franca of commerce throughout the world.

What do you think of this article? Why not leave a comment below, and perhaps include examples of your own word creations and definitions. If you like the word "NORGANIC", and recognize it's significance in our mega-corporatized world of deceptive marketing, then use it with confidence. Explain the definition if anyone asks. I have found that people tend to intuitively understand the word and it's value quite easily.

If you like the word "NORGANIC" and it's definition click the THUMBS UP icon here: NORGANIC on "The Urban Dictionary".


I like it. We certainly do need new words to describe all the latest trends and fashions, this is one such word. I will use it for sure. Good blog.

Very funny. I like norganic and know what you mean about corporations marketing tap water with scenes from a rainforest and a rainbow and unicorn the the picture as well!In Philly the tap water is better than most of the bottled stuff and they have the tests to prove it but still people buy pepsiwater for 3 bucks a pop. The urban dictionary is very interesting. Thanks for the link to I gave you a thumbs up.


great,short sweet and to the point... don't you love marketing?  The norganic brand always puzzled me and I felt they were wishing they were organic and hoping to confuse people into believing they were!? 


I'm glad to see my word now has been given 6 thumbs up so far. Thanks for the nice comments:

@anon: how did you find my article? Do I know you?
@jill: you should bottle that water and sell it! Maybe called it "tears of the unicorn"?
@Dan: hey man...I hadn't realized there was an actual label here in Australia called NORGANIC until my friend Grant told me about it after reading my article. I think that is so funny as NORGANIC clearly has a negative connotation to it....so far I am already on the first page in a google search for the word surrounded by that product line! I want to knock them off top position. That would be a real coup!


so true... but:
Is norganic glutenfree??? ;) gg

"If you like the word "NORGANIC", and recognize it's significance in our mega-corporatized world of deceptive marketing, then use it with confidence. Explain the definition if anyone asks."

Hmmm for me, I can't still figure out the real essence of NORGANIC. Can you help me out? Thanks!

Xtine Eubanks